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Pros of Therapy by Infusion of Ketamine

Stressful disorders such as anxiety and depression cause harm to the brain’s communication systems, thinking and learning and unlike antidepressant that changes the concentration of chemicals like dopamine, ketamine enhances better neuron growth hence easier brain communication. Ketamine has been, for years, used as a safe anesthetic by therapy providers such as Therapy Reset, but it is until several years ago that it was recognized to treat psychiatric diseases, with the following advantages.

The most important benefit is that Ketamine is highly effective and gives the patients rapid relief where they start to experience a change in their symptoms in two to four hours and a notable improvement in their mental state within 24 hours. After the Ketamine starts to work, the patient, with regard to their condition, start feeling more self-esteem, increased appetite, sleep, sexual desire, more concentration ability and disappearance of suicidal thoughts.

Secondly, this anesthetic is effective and safe, as has been noted in all the years of its use where unlike other anesthetics, it does not slow down the vital body processes and even after slightly increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, they remain constant after that. When compared to other antidepressants, Ketamine has fewer and less damaging side effects seeing that it is administered slowly in dosages equating to a tenth of the rest.

Another important advantage is that Ketamine Infusion Therapy, for the advanced Ketamine care, is that its cheap in the long run, even in cases the bill seems a lot because the charges, in such a case, includes the cost of other treatments associated to the condition such as psychotherapy, pharmacogenetic analysis, and medical adjustments and also prevents the patient from paying other fees and payments to the psychiatric who reject Medicaid. It is, however, hard to predict the time treatment is expected to end, and is hence not affordable for everyone.

Another great advantage of Ketamine is that its infusion takes a short period of time without hospitalization making it time-limited, and outpatient, seeing that the time it would take equates to the time the patient would spend on a session with a psychotherapist. The infusion takes about 45 minutes, far much less time than antidepressants, which require hospitalization and a day for weeks program for the same results.

The last advantage of the Ketamine Infusion Therapy is that it is applicable even for older teens because it can be given to anyone with an age above 16 years. It is easy for a young person to get worse due to mental troubles but Ketamine helps them get their lives back in control before further damage had been done.

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