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Some Interesting Facts About Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are used for a variety of purposes from the testing, assembly, and inspection of automation systems. You will learn from these systems that they also incorporate the use of computer vision. But then, computer vision and machine vision are not the same. With computer vision, it revolves around image processing. Meanwhile, for the manipulation of mechanical components, machine vision needs to use both digital output and input. Any work that involves product inspection is where you can find devices that utilize machine vision. Such devices usually come with different automated vision features like digital cameras that take on the job that traditional human operators take on. In terms of seeing things with machine vision systems, they are very much different from the normal human vision.

You can find a variety of parts in machine vision systems. You have analog or digital cameras for acquiring images, a means of digitizing images with the likes of a camera interface, and processor are three of the main components of a machine vision system. You get a machine vision camera or smart camera when you combine these three components into one piece of device. In your machine vision system, you can also add light sources, input and output hardware, lenses, image processing program, actuators for sorting defective parts, and sensor to trigger and detect image acquisition on top of your machine vision camera.

As stated above, you can use machine vision systems in a number of ways. In essence, you make use of these systems for their inspection potential from assembly verification and part selection to tracking and final inspection. Here are some of the benefits of using machine vision systems.

The use of machine vision systems offers you the benefit of error proofing. When it comes to complex applications using only the human eye, you can always expect things to be more prone to error. With the use of machine vision systems, you significantly eliminate the risk of having misassembled products. Make sure to have a machine vision system that comes with the right camera resolution, lighting, and optics. With these requirements in mind, you will not have any issues inspect details of objects that are too small for the human eye to see.

You can every much-reduced costs with the use of machine vision systems. You can improve speed and decrease scrap rate with the use of these tools. You also get to significantly reduce the amount of labor you require to run your equipment. Taking all of these factors in mind, production costs will be lower for you.

Another benefit to using machine vision systems is reduced downtime. There is no more physical contact between the tested parts and the test system when you use this tool. This leads to the use of machine vision systems preventing part damage and eliminating the maintenance costs and time associated with the wear and tear present in mechanical components.

Lastly, with machine vision systems reducing human involvement in the process of manufacturing, you get more operational benefits and additional safety.

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